Film Forever

It's not the most convenient, it's certainly not a cheap hobby, and I admit, it may not always yield the exact shot you composed in your mind...however, film photography has managed to captivate my heart forever, from the first moment I got my very own Kodak point-and-shoot as a child.

I love the certain level of unpredictability, the occasional light leaks that my Canon AE-1 produces, the anticipation of getting a roll of film processed... and of course, the utter nostalgia of it all. 

Today, my love affair with analog photography lives on as I document my travels and random moments through film photos. Although I wish I had more time and resources to devote to this medium exclusively, I still try to dabble in 35mm, medium format and some instant film whenever I can. 

Check out (and perhaps follow) my tumblr feed to see a few film photos from adventures near and far. 

-- Hannah